Loan Periods by Material Type

Items that DO NOT Check Out

  • Reference books ... Newspapers ... Most recent or current issue of a magazine or journal
  • Books:

    In general, books checkout to currently enrolled ACC General Credit and CE (Semester-Long) Students for 14 days. ACC Faculty and Staff can checkout books for 21 days. [Fine if overdue: $0.25/day/item]
    Note about Textbooks
    The Student Support Textbook Collection is a special collection for special student populations. Be aware that certain restrictions are placed on this collection by Student Support. See More Information.
    Textbooks check out to ACC CREDIT STUDENTS ONLY for the semester.


    Only users with valid ACC ID cards can check out Reserves materials. Loan periods are specified by faculty and can be assigned to 2-hour (library-use-only)[Fine if overdue:$1.00 First Hour+ $0.25/hr thereafter], 1-Day, 3-Days, or 7-Days loan periods. The catalog specifies which loan period is assigned to an item. [Fine if overdue: $1.00/day/item] See More Information about reserves.

    Magazines & Journals:

    Only back issues check out for 3 days to ACC students, faculty and staff. The most recent or current issues of a magazine or journal are library-use-only. [Fine if overdue: $0.25/day/item]

    Audiovisuals - Videos, DVDs, etc.:

    All audiovisuals are shelved among the books that circulate to ACC students, faculty, and staff - Book Shelves - (14 days), faculty and staff (21 days). [Fine if overdue: $0.25/day/item]


    Laptops check out to ACC students, faculty, and staff for 3 hours and are library-use-only. [Fine if overdue: $10.00/hour]


    Tablets check out to ACC credit students for a 2-week loan period and can be renewed twice in-person (pending review of availability). [Fine if overdue: $1.00/day]