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Faculty Reserves -- Putting Media on Reserve

Placing audiovisuals on Reserves presents a problem somewhat unique to the medium:

While it enables a larger number of potential users access to the materials for a limited period, it makes the material unavailable for classroom use during that period.

What can we do?

There are no clear cut solutions to this particular problem, but we can make clearer some guidelines which will help to alleviate the problem:
  • Any type of material should be placed on Reserve for limited checkout periods, i.e., only for the period of time it is assigned to the students.
  • For example, if the material is to be reviewed for class during the week of 13-17 Sep, then there is no reason for that material to be on Reserve much past that time. Hence, your reserve request should state that the material is to be put ON Reserve a few days before that time and taken OFF Reserve a few days past that time. The suggested maximum length of time to be kept on reserve (for audiovisuals other than course-specific series such as Principles of Accounting) is 3 weeks.
  • The normal checkout for a reserve audiovisual is 2-hours. Anyone with a valid ACC ID can check out reserve material. Hence, reserve audiovisuals could be checked out by an instructor for classroom presentation and returned to the Library before the end of the 2-hour time limit. Any longer time would constitute an exception to be made by a faculty librarian.

The nature and cost of audiovisual materials prohibits the wholesale purchase of multiple copies so cooperation in making these materials available to all users is necessary. We will be happy to work with all faculty to facilitate their access to this valuable resource.