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Faculty Reserves -- Reserves Request Form

Allow 4 weekdays for the Library to process the reserve materials before notifying your students. If there is a special need to have the items on reserve sooner, please talk to the reserves staff member.

Loan Periods: Only users with valid ACC ID cards can check out Reserves materials. Loan periods are specified by faculty and can be assigned to 2-hour (library-use-only)[Fine if overdue:$1.00 First Hour+ $0.25/hr thereafter], 1-Day, 3-Days, or 7-Days loan periods. [Fine if overdue: $1.00/day/item]

It is essential that students be told precise titles for items on reserve as they are listed on the form. Variances in titles cause confusion and failure to find needed items.

To put an item on reserve, please

Note: The form can be completed online before printing.
(Forms can be obtained also from the Checkout Desk.)