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Library Home Page Homage to the Letterform

Library Services at ACC Centers

ACC courses are taught at ACC Campuses, Centers, and Sites spanning 8 central Texas counties. All current ACC students are eligible for ACC Library Services, regardless of their course location.

All ACC Campuses have libraries, faculty librarians, library services, and collections on-site.

Additionally, this page briefly describes ACC Library services available at the    Hill Country University Center, Fredericksburg, TX (HCUC).


Center Location Hours Phone LS Staff
Fredericksburg HCUC
Hill Country University Center (HCUC)
2818 E. Hwy 290
Fredericksburg, TX 78624
Mon - Thurs
5p - 8:00p
512.223.9793 or
Claire Wallendorf


Need help? Additional methods to reach a faculty librarian.


The Library Catalog (Alicat) lists items in the collection such as books and media - held at all of the ACC Library service locations.

The Library catalog may be searched by title, author or subject -- and you can also limit your search to the ACC Campus Library nearest you. The item display in the catalog also indicates which library location has the item. Featured lists are available in the catalog indicating ACC Library materials at the HCUC/FBG center.

ACC students at Centers have the same circulation privileges and responsibilities as those at Campuses. You may check out circulating items at any ACC campus library. If you are enrolled at any of the centers with ACC Library Services on-site, please see the document delivery service listed below. Let us save you a trip!


ACC Library article databases are available online at: Through these databases you have access to full-text journal, magazine, and newspaper articles, as well as to other e-resources such as e-books, encyclopedias, and more!

You can access these databases at any campus library, or at the Centers listed above, or remotely online from home or anywhere else you have Internet access. Please keep reading, and see the important note below about Remote Access.


Students need their ACCeID to remotely access ACC Library article databases. This may also include access to Library databases from Centers.

An ACCeID is your ACC ID number preceded by your first name initial and a password that you create. Also, this is the same username and password required to access Blackboard and many other ACC online services.

To activate your ACCeID you will need your ACC ID (you can find this number on registration and payment statements). Contact the ACC Helpdesk for assistance with ACCeIDs.

The following ACC Library services require an ACCeID:

DOCUMENT DELIVERY to CENTERS (Sending Library Materials to Centers)

You may request ACC library materials be sent from any ACC campus library to the centers listed above -- via the online request form.

Be sure to indicate the delivery location on the form.
Library materials (books, dvds, etc.) are listed within the Library Catalog. Please check the Library catalog prior to making a document delivery request, in order to verify that an ACC Library owns the item you are seeking. Library document delivery is also available to other distance students, by using the same document delivery form, linked above.

Campus Students -- Important Note:   If you are enrolled in courses meeting at an ACC Campus -- the Library routinely sends materials from 'campus library to campus library'. It's a quick and easy service, that ACC Librarians assist students with routinely. Just contact an ACC Library for assistance. We'll gladly send circulating items from one campus library to another campus library for you to pick up there. You don't need the online form linked above for this 'campus to campus' library service. All it takes is a phone call to your ACC Campus Library.


TexShare is a state-funded program that allows participating libraries to share resources. With a TexShare card, you can borrow books from many other academic and public libraries in Texas.

To obtain a TexShare card.....
Go to any ACC Campus Library - or - ask for assistance from ACC Library staff at the Centers listed above.
Or, use this online TexShare Request form.


The Student Support Center textbook collection (located at the RVS Library) is available to eligible ACC students, including students enrolled at ACC Centers. Click for more info about the textbook collection


ACC students enrolled at the Centers listed above, have pc/workstation access to ACC Library Services website and resources. This means you can access the ACC Library website, including online Library services and full-text e-resources at those Centers.

Please note that some ACC centers require an extra log-in step for ACC students. Thus, it is important that you speak with the ACC Library Service staff persons at the Center - in order to obtain information about logging into CENTER workstations. Again, you may also need an ACCeID to access ACC Library databases/e-resources.


Many more ACC Library Services and resources are available to ACC students and faculty at the Centers, than are described on this webpage. We've only touched upon the basics above. If you are attending any of the centers listed above -- please ask the ACC Library staff on-site there about any of our services and programs. If you are at a center not listed above, please contact us! We are here to help. Call, click, or come by.



last revision: 4/16/14