FAQs - ACC Library Guest/Visitor Identification

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Why do I need my photo ID to sign in?
Your photo ID proves who you are when you sign in and your signature on the sign-in sheet is your agreement to follow all Library policies - so, we need both - ID and signature. In fact, ACC college-wide policy requires photo IDs to use most ACC services, even for students.

What if I don't have it with me?
You cannot sign in, and therefore, cannot use the library on your visit to the campus.

What is a acceptable photo ID?
Examples of a acceptable photo ID include:
  • Driver's license
  • Passport
  • US Permanent Resident card
  • Military photo ID
  • High School photo ID

What is NOT a acceptable photo ID?
Examples include: Credit cards, bus passes, bills, receipts, mail, and other personal documents, ID cards with no photo, report cards, TexShare cards, photocopies of identification cards.

What if I just don't want to show you my ID?
You can choose not to sign in at the library, however, you will need to leave the library immediately. Campus police are available to answer questions regarding your use of ACC campuses.

Guests/visitors DO have access to other areas on campus, such as the Food Court, cafeteria, both inside and outside student lounge, and study space in student lounges. In addition, ACC hosts a number of theatre/drama, musical and educational events on ACC campuses and welcome guests/visitors to those activities.

Can you really ask me to show my ID?
Yes. Library staff, police, and other ACC employees may ask you to show your ACC ID and/or other ID, at any time. And, an ID is required for many Library services. Your ID is essential.