FAQs - ACC Library Guest/Visitor Sign In

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Who needs to sign in?
All Library guests/visitors sign in upon entering the Library. Anyone who is NOT a currently enrolled ACC student, or an ACC employee, must sign in.

Current ACC students and employees do not need to sign in.

Where and how do I sign in?
You sign in at the Library's Reference Desk. You will be asked to show your valid, government-issued photo ID and then complete a "sign-in agreement."

To maximize use of resources and services for ACC students, faculty and staff, several other ACC service locations - and now the library - require sign-in or presentation of a current valid ACC ID card. Some ACC Library resources and services are limited by licensing agreement for use by our students and employees only. Current students and employees have priority use of all library resources and services.

Does everyone coming to campus have to sign in?
No. Only guests/visitors wanting to use the LIBRARY must sign in at the Library.

Does signing in at the Library get me into other campus services?

No. The Library sign-in does not create privileges for you with other ACC campus services. The Library sign-in is only for guests/visitors using the Library.

Can I refuse to sign in?
You can choose not to sign in at the library, however, you will need to leave the library immediately. Campus police are available to answer questions regarding your use of ACC campuses.

Guests/visitors DO have access to other areas on campus, such as the food court, cafeteria, both inside and outside student lounge, and study space in student lounges. In addition, ACC hosts a number of theatre/drama, musical and educational events on ACC campuses and welcome guests/visitors to those activities.

How often do I need to sign in?
You will need to sign in at the Reference Desk every time you visit any ACC campus Library.

Can Library staff "ask me" to sign in?

When should I sign in?
You should sign in immediately upon entering the Library.

Do I need to sign out when I leave?
No, you do not need to 'sign out' when leaving the library.