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Library Home Page Homage to the Letterform
Why Should You Include Information Literacy in Your Course?

• “Information literacy is conceivably the foundation for learning in our contemporary environment of continuous technological change.” UNESCO White Paper

• Read "It’s the Information Age, So Where’s the Information?—an article by a professor analyzing students’ lack of understanding of research. (If you’re off campus, you’ll have to use your ACCeID and password to access this.)

• It’s part of college accreditation [SACS, Principles of Accreditation, Comprehensive Standards, Section 3.82].

Information Literacy @ Austin Community College Services For Faculty

Do your students ...
  • know how to think critically about information?
  • know how to search effectively for quality information?
  • know how to go beyond simple web searches?

ACC Library Services’ main goal is to support teaching and learning. Our information literacy [definition] program reaches over 5000 students each year through a combination of in-person presentations and online instruction.

We want to work with you to incorporate such skills into your curriculum.

Click on the following ways we can help your students become information literate:

Click here to see all the different ways our "Know How" services and logo can be used.

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