This final module on delivery of your speech will lead you through suggestions that will help you succeed on speech day. First, we will consider types of delivery styles. Your instructor has likely advised you to give your speech in an "extemporaneous" style of delivery. To help you better understand what "extemporaneous" is, we will first tell you about three other styles of delivery styles, "Impromptu," "Manuscript" and "Memorized" styles.

Impromptu speaking means "off the cuff" or with little preparation. This involves much thinking on your feet with little or no advance preparation or rehearsal time.

Scroll through the topics below and type in the number(s) of the one(s) you think would be good for an impromptu speech. Then Ask Smart Mouth.

(1) a most memorable summer
(2) ethanol vs. petroleum-based fuels
(3) how to pack a suitcase
(4) my worst experience
(5) the differences between Medieval music and modern music
(6) the most dangerous aspect of modern society
(7) is knowledge more important than wisdom?
(8) should marijuana be legalized?
(9) the role of corporations in modern society
(10) the history of the Texas capitol
(11) the morality of zoos
(12) should parents censor their teenagers' media experiences?