Special Presidential 
Information Literacy 
Community Partnerships Toolkit

What is information literacy?
What is a toolkit?
What are community partnerships?
What are community partnerships for information literacy?
How do we form community partnerships?
How do we get partners involved?
How do partnerships work?
How do we know it is working?
How does one advocate for information literacy?
What are the benefits of  information literacy partnerships?


Community Partnerships Initiative

The community partnerships initiative is one of the three main initiatives of ACRL's Institute for Information Literacy and one of ALA President Nancy Kranich's initiatives for her 2000 - 2001 presidential term. The overall goal of the effort is to build information literacy community partnerships.  These partnerships will bring together librarians from school, academic, public and special libraries and community members/organizations to help prepare the public to utilize information efficiently and effectively.  An information- literate populace fully participates in the workplace, in their education, and in community and family life. 

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