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Reserves in ACC Libraries

The Reserve Materials Collections at the Libraries serve faculty and students by allowing easy access to items of anticipated high use. Materials in these collections are assigned shortened loan periods and require more stringent overdue penalties.

Reserve materials can be searched on the Library search tool by choosing the Course Reserve option on the left drop menu.

What kinds of material are put on "Reserve"?

All sorts of materials are placed on reserve by instructors who want to give students in their classes equitable access to those materials. Typical materials may include:

  • cataloged books from the Library collection, or uncataloged personal copies of books,
  • sample exams, lecture notes

Where are Reserves located?

In the Library

Reserve materials are kept behind the Checkout Desks in the Libraries. The location listed in the catalog will look similar to this

Material Type
Shelf Location
Shelf Number
Round Rock Reserve 2 Hour - ASK AT CHECKOUT DESK Reserve desk ARTS 1304 .KAM .RR0004

How do I Find Course Reserves?

Take a look at this FAQ (Finding Course Reserves) for details and a print-friendly copy if you want it.

How do I get these items on Reserve?

If you have located the information on the Catalog, write down the call number or print the page and take it to the Checkout Desk. The assistant will retrieve the material and check it out to you.

You must have a current valid ACC ID card to check out reserve material.

Can I take these items home as I can regular books?

Faculty choose which loan periods they feel are appropriate for reserve materials. Many items on Reserve are restricted to use in the library. These items are given a loan period of "Two Hours" as indicated in the previous example. Other items may be taken from the library. These items are given loan periods of "One Day, Three Days, Seven Days."

It is important to remember that Reserve material must be returned to the Library from which they were checked out; and, more stringent overdue penalties are assigned to Reserves. Please consult our checkout policy for more information.

Note: For Faculty See Putting Items on Reserve in ACC Libraries.