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Faculty Reserves -- More Information

ACC Libraries are eager to work with Faculty to allow easy access to items of anticipated high use. Materials in these collections are assigned shortened loan periods and require more stringent overdue penalties. Faculty may be encouraged to use Blackboard to share electronic copies of some materials when copyright allows.

Placing Items on Reserve

Allow 4 weekdays for the Library to process the reserve materials before notifying your students. If there is a special need to have the items on reserve sooner, please talk to the reserves staff member.


Any book may be placed on reserve, whether it is an ACC LS book or your own copy. However, the Library cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage of personal copies. Talk with a faculty librarian about ordering copies of books to be placed on reserve.

Photocopied Material

Copies of journal articles or chapters of books should be submitted with a letter-size manila folder for each copy. The instructor should submit at least 2 copies of each item; one copy for every 10 students using the item is recommended. Please keep your original copy for use when replacement is necessary.

Please see Photocopying: Guidelines for Classroom Copying with Respect to Books and Periodicals

If photocopied items are to remain more than one semester, permission must be obtained from the publisher of the original source. See also online the document, Getting Copyright Permission, and a sample permission request letter.

Other Materials

Other Materials such as CDs, DVDs, realia, and other audiovisuals may also be put on reserve. See Placing Media on Reserve or talk to the reserves staff member for details.

To put an item on reserve,please complete the Online Reserves Request form and then take the reserve items to be put on reserve to the Checkout Desk at your campus library.

Please see Loan Periods & Overdue Info to determine the best loan period for your material.

Quality of Reserve Materials

To remain in the reserve collection, materials must be in good enough condition for students to use the items themselves or to make copies.

  • Printed or handwritten materials should be legible with no missing pages.
  • Media should have sound-tracks that can be understood and clear visual images.
  • Students should be able to use audio-visual items on ACC Media equipment.
  • Packets of materials should be complete.

Damaged Materials

The reserves staff member will determine if a reserve item is worn beyond usability. Faculty members will be asked to replace damaged materials after notification from the Library.

Additional Suggestion

It is essential that students be told precise titles for items on reserve from the instructor. Variances in titles cause confusion and failure to find needed items.