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Group Study Rooms


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General Information

  • ACC Library Services staff monitors the use of Group Study rooms in ACC Campus Libraries.
  • If a group is discovered in a study room and has not reserved the room, they will be asked to do so immediately if the room is available at that time.
  • Groups without a reservation will be asked to vacate the room if a reservation for the room has been made by another group.

Reserving A Group Study Room

Be sure to read all of the section on RESERVING A GROUP STUDY ROOM before making a room reservation.

What your group may do:
  • Reserve a room up to a week in advance
  • Reserve a room for up to 2 hours.
  • Renew the room for another 2 hours if no students are waiting or if there is no existing reservation.
  • After the 4 hours have expired, the group may be allowed to remain, provided there is no demand or another room reservation is made. [Note: 4 hours is the maximum that can be reserved in a day.]
  • Room renewals may be made only 15 minutes or less before the current room reservation expires.

What your group may not do:
  • Make a reservation longer than 2 hours (no back to back reservations are permitted).
  • Leave belongings in the room unattended.

Please read our Eligibility & Appropriate Use page for specific information about eligibility and use. [Step by step instructions are available.]

  • Reservations are recommended.
    • If a group wishes to use a room and they have not made a reservation prior to arriving at the library and there is a room available, a reservation is required to prevent another group from claiming the room.
  • Rooms may be reserved online or in person by an ACC student (who is part of the group) with a valid ACC photo ID at any ACC Library Reference Desk to request a reservation at any ACC Library.
  • Rooms cannot be reserved by telephone, e-mail, Twitter or chat.
  • ACC students with valid ACC IDs may reserve the study room up to a week in advance. No semester-long scheduling is available.
  • Group Study rooms are available for up to two hours at one time. More time may be reserved by the group after the two hours if the room has not been requested by another group. [Note: 4 hours is the maximum that can be reserved in a day.]
  • Group Study rooms will be held for 10 minutes past scheduled time before being reassigned to another group.