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Suggest Materials for Purchase

Library Services provides the educational resources necessary to support the goals of Austin Community College. Educational resources refers to the instructional, enrichment, and training materials in varied formats chosen to reflect the purpose of the College, courses offered, varied teaching methods, and special needs of the students, faculty and staff.
(Taken from the Materials Selection policy, referenced in the Administrative Rules # 4.02.003)

Faculty and students are encouraged to survey the library and media collections and make recommendations to faculty librarians or Instructional Technology professionals. The staff welcome the opportunity to join with classroom faculty in developing collections. (As a rule, the Library does not purchase textbooks.)

Please consult the memorandum which is sent out to all faculty in the fall of each academic year for further information. You can speak with a faculty librarian on your campus or consult the list of subject area librarians to request materials for purchase. Or, you can complete a purchase request form.