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Information Literacy Options for Faculty

Library Instruction Sessions
(Request Library Instruction)

To request a library instruction session by a faculty librarian, please fill out the form that matches your classroom location. A librarian will contact you to finalize details and arrangements.

Please submit the form at least 2 weeks before the planned class date.

Course-Integrated Assignment Design

The librarians can work with you to design a research assignment that matches the specifics of your course. This can take the form of a guided research process or simply a pathfinder of useful resources or many other approaches. A librarian session may or may not be included. We also can help you develop alternative ideas if you don’t want a formal research paper.

Contact info to get more information: Jeremy Donald, Keri Moczygemba, or go to your campus library.

Assignment Review

If you have an assignment that includes research but don’t want a librarian session or other more active involvement, consider having a librarian review it. We know of many resources, both online and in print, that you may not be aware of. We can help you steer your students away from simply relying on web pages and toward higher quality sources.

Contact any reference librarian to get more information.

Online Tutorials

The ENG 1301 Assignment Online Tutorial collection, created specifically for ENG 1301, Composition I, features a combination of ACC Libraries award-winning Research Success Tutorials. Any class may use it, but the collection is aimed at Compostion I. The Research Success Tutorials include the following:

Contact info to get more information: Jeremy Donald or Keri Moczygemba.

Library Guides / Citation Guides

ACC Librarians have developed a series of guides covering many research and study skills, plus succinct guides to citation styles. Faculty may want to link to these from their own web sites or from Blackboard. Print versions of these are also available for free in the libraries.

Subject Guides

The Librarians have developed Subject Guides for over 75 specific areas taught at ACC. These typically cover basic research techniques; library research sources, including our large collection of databases; and high-quality web sites.

Reference Services

The Libraries offer one-on-one reference help to students and faculty in several ways:
Note: You may want to include a link ( to our Help page on your syllabus and online pages.