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Library Home Page Homage to the Letterform

Library Services for Early College Students

Through the Early College Start (ECS) program, high school juniors and seniors may enroll in ACC courses held at their high school - or taught at any ACC Campus (or online).

Additionally, ACC Early College High Schools (ECHS at Reagan H.S. and LBJ H.S.) enroll students in ACC courses held at their high school locations.

An overview of Library services and resources for both ECS and ECHS students and faculty is provided below.

ACC Libraries - Contact Us

Students & faculty may contact ACC Library Services at any of our locations.

By Phone

Campus Libraries:
  • CYP -- Cypress Creek 512.223.2037
  • EGN -- Elgin 512.223.9435
  • EVC -- Eastview 512.223.5116
  • HYS -- Hays 512.223.1593
  • NRG -- Northridge 512.223.4744
  • PIN -- Pinnacle 512.223.8150
  • RGC -- Rio Grande 512.223.3068
  • RVS -- Riverside 512.223.6005
  • RRC -- Round Rock 512.223.0104
  • SAC -- South Austin 512.223.9181
  • Toll Free 877.613.6005

  • HCUC -- Fredericksburg's Hill Country University Center 512.223.9793

In Person

Students may visit and work with a faculty librarian at any of the ACC Campus Libraries. All ACC campus libraries have collections, librarians, and services. Students may also visit the ACC Centers with Library Services which are listed above (during service hours).

An ACC Library Locations and Hours webpage provides hours of service, links to driving directions, and more info.

Chat & Email

Online chat with an ACC Librarian through Ask a Librarian.
Email is available too at the same 'Ask A Librarian' webpage linked above. .

Library Website - Resources and Services

The ACC Library Website provides access to the Library Catalog, full-text article databases, research guides, online tutorials, and more! The Library website is a great place to start your research for books and articles.

A variety of popular services and resources are listed in this webpage. But, many more are available to you. Please consult the Library's Services and Programs webpage for a fuller listing.

When you are researching or studying at any of the 8 ACC campus Libraries, you will find they all have pcs for student access to Library resources and services. And, of course, you can remotely access the Library website from anywhere you have internet access. If you have your own laptop, it's okay to bring that to the Library too -- as ACC has a student wireless network that works on-campus. (You'll need your ACCeID to log-in to the College wireless student network.)

Remote access & ACCeID - Many ACC Library resources and services are available to ACC students from home (or your high school) without needing an ACCeID. For example, the ACC Library homepage, Library catalog, and many library guides.

However, you will need an ACCeID to access some of the Library's resources from your high school (or home). Example -- when you access ACC Library article databases remotely - you will be prompted to enter an ACCeID. -- ACCeID Manager. Here's more information about remote access log-in.

ACCeID Help - To activate your ACCeID you will need your ACC ID (you can find this number on registration and payment statements). Your ACCeID will be your ACC ID number preceded by your first name initial and a password that you will create upon activation.

If you have any problems activating your account contact the ACC Helpdesk 512-223-HELP for assistance. This ACCeID is the same username and password used to log into Blackboard and many other ACC online services.

Catalog -- Books

The Library Catalog (Alicat) lists library resources in our collections -- such as books, dvds, and e-books -- from ALL of the many ACC Libraries.

The catalog can be searched by title, author or subject. And you can even limit your search to the ACC Campus Library nearest you.

Since ACC has numerous libraries, the catalog indicates which library location has the item (such as RRC or SAC).

Print-format Book: The catalog info provided includes a shelf "call number" based on the Library of Congress system -- which is a different numbering/shelving system from most high school libraries.

E-Books: We also have a robust collection of e-books. Those are included in the library catalog too. Instead of shelf 'call number' you'll be provided a 'link' to the e-book. Just follow the link.

Both ACC ECS and ECHS students -- have ACC Library circulation privileges - meaning you can check-out most books and media items. If you call us, we can even send and hold the book for you at your nearest ACC campus library. You'll need your ACC ID or other photo ID to check-out materials. (Here's a little more info about obtaining an ACC ID card, if you don't have one yet.)

Magazines, Newspapers, & Journals

Print based:
Each of the 8 campus libraries maintains a "paper" collection of a variety of current magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals.

E-copies / Online:
The Library also has wide variety of online/full-text magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals.
ACC Library databases are listed at:
Through these databases you have access to full-text journal, magazine, and newspaper articles, as well as to other e-resources such as e-books and various encyclopedias. (Reminder -- You will need an ACCeID to access Library databases from home or high school.)

Document Delivery

Document Delivery is the primary method of getting ACC library materials (such as library books and articles) between ACC campus libraries.

ACC students at high schools have options regarding document delivery of ACC Library circulating materials, including:

  • Call us:
    Call your nearest ACC Campus Library and ask the Librarian to hold the book for you at the library location you select. You can then go pick it up at that ACC campus Library. This "campus to campus' library document delivery service is provided for all ACC students.
    So, just call!
    Librarians request library items to go from 'campus to campus' everyday for ACC students, and we're happy to do this for you too!
  • Early College Students:
    You are eligible for special 'distance document delivery' service too!
    How do you request 'distance' document delivery help?     It's easy!
    Just complete this online form -- distance learners document delivery request.


TexShare is a state-funded program that allows participating libraries to share resources.

With a current TexShare card, you may borrow books from other academic and public libraries in Texas.

To obtain a TexShare card.....
Go to any ACC Campus Library - or - ask for assistance from ACC Library staff at the Centers listed above.
Or, use this online TexShare Request form.


The Student Support Center textbook collection (located at the RVS Library) is available to eligible ACC students.

Click for more info about the textbook collection



If you are using Blackboard in your class - you will see that the "Library" is there too! "Library" is a tab in Blackboard. The tab includes Library website links, tips, and other info.


If you would like to place additional library materials or services in your Blackboard course, or set-up Librarian participation within course discussions, contact any ACC faculty librarian for assistance.

ITV Course Tapes / DVDs

Campuses: All Campus Library Media Centers have ITV - televised - course episodes available for student use. Please note that Media Center copies do not check-out, and must be used on-site. ACC campus Libraries have a few of these same ITV sets available for limited checkout. These items are included in the Library Catalog.

ITV at ACC Centers: ACC Library Service locations at Centers maintain smaller collections of ITV Course dvds. It is strongly recommended that you contact ACC Library staff at the three Centers to verify if they have available copies of the ITV set you are seeking before visiting that location.

High School Libraries & College Libraries

This webpage contains several facts about ACC Libraries that may seem different to you than your high school library - or - local public library. So, please don't be shy! Ask away! The ACC Library wants to help you obtain the library resources and services you need to succeed in your college coursework.

College libraries are different from high school libraries. You may immediately notice a difference in the physical setting -- even our study areas may seem different to you. And our collection will seem different in its size, contents, and arrangement. For example, college libraries tend to be larger and collect resources to support the courses taught here. Additionally, our online services and online full-text collection will be different, including that our internet access has no filtering.

Instructors may require that you utilize Library resources and services - BUT - do so without arranging help for you. Instead, they assume that you self-advocate and ask for assistance from ACC Librarians without their prompt.

Here are a few tips to help. Also, remember to Ask a Librarian!

High School Librarians

Are you an ACC student or instructor?   
Please be kind to your High School Librarians!
Since H.S. Librarians are not ACC Library employees, they may not know about your ACC assignments, etc. Please contact an ACC Librarian for assistance.

Are you a High School Librarian?    THANK YOU!    And, how may we help you?
ACC Librarians are very much aware that your high school has both current and future ACC students.

ACC Library Services would also like to assist your high school students in transitioning to college libraries.

Additionally, several ACC core classes have required course-integrated Library assignments you may need to be generally aware of, and for which students should contact ACC Librarians for assistance.
Library Tutorials
Library Assignments

Contact us with the questions you get about ACC Library resources and services. And, please encourage ACC students & faculty to contact us directly.

We can also provide outreach services to you and to ACC students and faculty at your location. Would you like to have ACC Library flyers, posters, bookmarks, brochures, or other promotional materials or information? Would you like to have us contact ACC students (or prospective students) at your location? Library Services for ECS/ECHS.

Firewalls: If students with valid ACCeIDs are having trouble accessing ACC Library databases from your high school library or computer lab -- this is often the result of local firewalls on your ISD network.

Should this happen, please refer ACC students to an ACC Librarian for quick assistance in locating the materials they need: Ask a Librarian.

Additionally - you may need to work with your school's network administrator to resolve the connection problem. Students may also contact the ACC Help Desk if they have questions about their ACCeID, or about logging into the ACC proxy server.

Early College High School

Welcome to ACC students in the Early College High School program at Reagan High School and LBJ High school.

Like other ACC "Early College" program students - you too are eligible for ACC Library Services.

Please come by or contact us.

You may use the 'distance document delivery' process linked above, as well as all the other Library services and resources listed on this web page.

Need an ACC Library service or resource that you can't find? Ask away!    Please contact Library Services for ECS/ECHS or your nearest ACC Library.

Need More Info?

Library services for ACC Centers / ECS / ECHS. Contact:
Toyya Cisneros :: 512.223.8114 ::
ACC Early College Start Program:
ECS website:
ECS phone: 512.223.7355
ECS email:
ACC Eary College High School Program:


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