About Library Services


The aim of Library Services is to support teaching and learning at Austin Community College by offering Services and Programs that will help faculty and students attain a successful learning experience. [Mission & Goals] — [Organization]

Library Services participates in a district-wide collaborative system of Library Services, Instructional Technology, and Technical Services and Automation. Libraries are the physical locations in which services are delivered. Library Services is organized as part of a centralized, district-wide operation under the leadership of the Associate Vice-President for Instructional Resources and Technology. This organization ensures, among other things, that:

  • quality of services is consistent in all Libraries in the district
  • policies and procedures are consistent across the district
  • resource sharing between campuses is easily accomplished since collection development funds are centralized and materials are aquired district-wide
  • the automation system serves all ACC users equally
  • cataloging standards are consistent in the district so that library instructional efforts can be developed and implemented college-wide
  • technology planning for Library Services is done district-wide, maximizing the useful life of equipment