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How do I renew my library materials?

  Austin Community College Library Services wants to reassure ACC students, faculty and staff that they will NOT be charged late fines for items NOT returned at this time. Visit our Library Information and Services during COVID-19 Guide for the most up to date information and announcements.
ACC Library Services has three convenient ways for you to renew materials:
  1. In person:
    During library hours, you can come in person to any ACC library Checkout Desk to renew materials. You don't even have to have the materials with you to renew!
  2. Over the phone:
    Call during library hours and speak to checkout staff.
  3. Online:
    Use our My Library Account link on the Library Web Site.
    1. Note: You will be asked for your ACCeID and password. See more information.

{Exception: Tablets have a 2-week loan period and can be renewed twice in-person (pending review of availability). After a checkout period, patrons must wait at least 24 hours in order to check out another tablet.}

Some materials may not be renewed. Otherwise, in general, items may be renewed once as long as the item has not been requested by another patron. If the item must be returned because the renewals have been exhausted then patrons must wait at least 24 hours before checking it out again. Be sure to read through our checkout policies:

Hours and phone numbers can be found on our Locations & Hours page.

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