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  Austin Community College Library Services has suspended our Reserves Collection service at this time.
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Putting Items on Reserve in ACC Libraries

Reserves are materials set aside for a specific course at the request of an instructor to allow easy access for currently-enrolled students to course material with anticipated high use. Materials in these collections are assigned shortened loan periods and have overdue penalties.

Faculty may place course materials for their students to use or copy. Please consult with the Reserves staff on your campus more information. Faculty should be familiar with Copyright, Fair Use and Photocopying guidelines.

Reserves Contacts

Campus Contact Person Phone Number
Cypress Creek Tara Fleming 512-223-2138
Eastview Christopher Smith 512-223-5109
Elgin Lauren Hood 512-223-9436
Hays Charlene Michallick 512-223-1591
Highland Monica Olivo 512-223-7381
Northridge Lauren Arruza 512-223-4746
Rio Grande Jon Sprecher 512-223-3083
Riverside Jon Sprecher 512-223-6008
Round Rock Chloe Parham 512-223-0109
San Gabriel Hannah Black 512-223-2569
South Austin Angelica Saenz 512-223-9180