Is my library account confidential?

Librarians take the confidential nature of information about patrons very seriously. Everything about your account and library use is confidential and includes:

  • What materials you have checked out or used in the library
  • What materials you have checked out or used in the past
  • What e-resources you have accessed at the library or at a remote location
  • What reference questions you have asked
  • What fines you may have or may have had in the past
  • To keep your account/library use information confidential, the library:

    • Uses the college's network security to secure information retained online
    • Designs online retention processes to delete all extended-use history for print materials and online database and Internet information (print materials deletes use after "last patron," online search information is deleted every 24 hours)
    • Requires extensive training for library staff concerning the protection of patron rights and information
    • Records and retains any and all use statistics in the aggregate rather than specific to the question, the source or the user

    You may provide the library with a written statement that designates someone else access to your account. Please check with library staff for the appropriate procedure.