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More Catalog Search Help


Search operators can be used within the Basic Search:
  • AND = type more than one word
    coffee milk chocolate
    Note: AND is implied; don't type it in.
  • NOT = use minus sign (-)
    coffee -milk
  • Quote (exact phrase) Search = use quote marks around the phrase
    "coffee beans"

All searches are general keyword searches -- that is, the system searches every word entered into the search box. 

For example, a search for art of the investigative interview

The system will look for every word in that phrase and then use the relevancy algorithm to find the items that best fit the anticipated results.



Search limits are what you may think of as collections or groups of items which meet a certain criteria. They offer the option to limit the search to only that group of items.  The search limits are

Books || Reference || Easy Reading || Batlab || Textbook Collection || ESOL || FCTL

If a limit is not chosen, the system will search all available items and resources, that is, Everything.


Field limits are indexes of items within a specific catalog field or group of catalog fields that can be applied to the search.  The field limits are

Title || Author || Subject || Medical Subject || ISBN || Periodical Title

To reiterate, all searching is done by keyword.  At this time, there is no authority searching/browsing.


Type keywords only. Boolean operators are automatically added to the search.