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Why does the library use a security gate?

Library Services provides materials and resources to support the curriculum goals of the college and research, informational and lifelong learning needs of students, faculty and staff. In order to use these materials, a library user must check them out with a currently valid ACC ID card.

If you pass through the security system with library material that has not been checked out then the alarm will sound and if there are security gates present these will lock.

If the alarm sounds, you will be asked by library staff to return to the circulation desk to determine why the alarm was set off. Library staff may examine your personal belongings, including -- but not exclusive to -- backpacks, briefcases, purses, etc.. If you neglected to check out library material, you may check them out at that time.

Note: things other than library material may cause the alarm to sound such as textbooks, rental DVDs or videotapes. Having multiple people exiting at the same time also can trip the alarm.

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