e-Books (Online Books)

Access thousands of full-text books online!

An e-book is a short way of saying "electronic book." Other similar words referring to electronic books are online book, ebook, cyberbook, eBook or e-text. An electronic book is published for reading on personal computers, smart phones, or dedicated equipment sometimes called e-book readers. Often e-books can be searched for specific words or phrases and you can use hyperlinks to get to other sections of the e-book or to web sites.

e-bookThe ACC Library subscribes to many e-books which are available through this page, through the library catalog (https://austincc.ent.sirsi.net), or through the FIND BOOKS, ARTICLES, VIDEOS search box on the Library home page. E-books are identified

  • in the catalog by an icon which is a blue book with an "e" on the cover;
  • Or, a label that reads "eBook" in the results of the home page search.

See Search Strategy for help.
Available to ACC Students, Faculty, and Staff
Download e-Books -- Find out how to download some of our e-books to your computer or compatible device.
Available to the General Public
  • The Online Books Page -- Over 30,00 free out-of-copyright e-books.
  • Project Gutenberg -- The first producer of free e-books. Contains thousands of classic works.
  • Google Books -- To find entire e-books, after searching, click the gear icon, then on Advanced Search, and select "Full View Only."
  • NCBI Bookshelf -- A searchable collection of online biomedical textbooks and other literature from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).
  • FreeBooks4Doctors! -- Free medical books on the Internet.

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