e-Books (Online Books)

Access thousands of books online!

ACC Libraries have tens of thousands of e-books available 24/7 on your preferred device. You can access them via this page by publisher/platform name, or individually via the library catalog, or by publisher/platform name through the A-Z List of Databases page.

e-bookE-books are identified in the catalog by an icon of a blue book with an "e" on the cover.

Download e-Books -- Find out how to download some of our e-books to your computer or compatible device.

Helpful e-book collections freely available on the web:

  • The Online Books Page -- Over 30,00 classic and out-of-copyright titles.
  • Project Gutenberg -- One of the first producers of free online books. Contains thousands of classic works.
  • Google Books -- To find entire e-books and not just previews, select "Tools," then "Free Google eBooks."
  • NCBI Bookshelf -- A searchable collection of online biomedical textbooks and other literature from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).
  • FreeBooks4Doctors! -- Free medical books on the Internet.

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