Support Center Textbook Collection

What is it?
It is a collection of textbooks selected for classes offered in workforce programs. These textbooks are purchased by the ACC Student Support Center through a grant to assist certain student groups to gain access to required textbooks. The majority of ACC textbooks ARE NOT in this collection. You cannot request a textbook online or by phone. The best way to request a book is to go in person to the campus library closest to you.

Books are in limited supply and students should not depend upon this source for their required textbook.

Search for your textbook in ACC's Support Center Textbook Collection by using the drop down menu in the upper left. Select the Textbook Collection and then search by title, author, or ISBN

Find out who can check out books from ACC's Support Center Textbook Collection.

Learn What Textbooks You Need

Use the following methods to find out which textbooks are required for your courses.

Course Schedule

  • Go to Course Schedule.
  • Select the course your are interestd in.
  • Click on the Textbooks link to the right of the course name in the course schedule.

Ask Your Instructor

Don't know your instructor's contact info? Look it up in the ACC staff directory.

Check Your Course Syllabus

Instructors usually list the required textbooks for a course on the class syllabus. Consult your paper copy, or see if your instructor has posted a digital copy to Blackboard.

Go to the Online Bookstore

Use the Customized Textbook List at the ACC Online Bookstore to look up the required textbooks for your classes.

ACC Self-Service

Different sections of the same course may use different textbooks or different editions of textbooks, depending upon what the instructor has selected.

  • Go to ACC Self-Service.
  • Select "Academics" on the left and then choose "Plan & Schedule
  • Click on a course In the next window, scroll to the bottom and click on "View Books Needed for Course"