Go Green @ the Library

Library Services along with the entire Austin Community College District is committed to becoming a leader in sustainability. That means using less energy and fewer resources while minimizing waste.

Here are some ways you can help to save paper and ink in the libraries:

  • Print multiple Powerpoint slides in handout format
    [  TIP:    PowerPoint 2010 pdf    ||    PowerPoint 2007 pdf | flash video]
  • Save email and documents to your portable media (example: USB drive).
    [  TIP:   More...]
  • Use Print Preview to select pages to print.
    [  TIP:   More ...]
  • Don't see your print job?
    [  TIP:    See the faculty librarian before hitting the printer button again. We may be able to check the print queue or diagnose the problem before you print unneeded copies.]
  • Reduce Printing Waste
    Microsoft Office 2007 [pdf] || Microsoft Office 2010 [pdf] || Microsoft Office 2013 [pdf]


Although the library accepts book donations, you may want to consider: Options For Getting Rid Of Unwanted Books, Magazines, Videos