Where can I find a computer for research, word processing, and printing?

Guests/Visitors, please see this FAQ

All ACC Libraries have desktop computers with access to the online catalog, databases, e-books, Blackboard, Office software, and many other resources for your research and information needs. They are also connected to printers. [Note: Printing is limited to 15 sheets per day for currently enrolled ACC students and employees. Additional printing is 10 cents per sheet.] Be sure to read the guidelines for Printing in the Library.

Besides these research workstations, there are additional options available to current students, faculty, and staff who need access to word processing, the Internet, and other applications.

  • Library Computer Centers-- The Library Computer Centers on every campus allow access to computers that have a variety of applications, including word processing and instructional software. All computers are connected to printers.
  • Library Use Laptops-- The libraries have a limited number of laptop computers available for checkout allowing access to a variety of applications, including word processing. Laptops may be checked out for up to 3 hours, and are for library use only. All library laptops connect to a wireless printer in the library.
  • iPads-- All campus libraries have a limited number of iPads available for checkout. You must be a currently-enrolled, for-credit student to check one out. iPads can be checked out for two weeks at a time and renewed at the lending campus library if others are available.