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FAQs - ACC Library Guest/Visitor Computer Use

For purposes of this FAQ, Guest and Visitor are defined as anyone who is not currently enrolled or employed by Austin Community College.

Please note that:
  • Current students and employees have priority use of all library resources and services.
  • For Guest/Visitors: Minors under 16 may not use library computers.
  • Library Computer Centers are for current ACC students only. Guest/Visitors may not use Library Computer Centers.

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No. Your computer use is limited to those computers identified as guest/visitor workstations. Please be sure to see the Library Acceptable Use Guidelines linked at the bottom of the Library Home Page. Guest/visitor computers allow general Internet access only. Use of ACC databases is reserved - based on the college's contract - for ACC students and employees only. ACC Reference Librarians can provide you with a brochure that identifies locations surrounding ACC campuses where you can access databases.
A reference librarian will assist you with logging onto a guest/visitor computer workstation. Guests/visitors are limited to 30 minutes. The computer will automatically log off after 30 minutes. See the Time Limits section below.
Library Acceptable Use Guidelines are standards outlining what is acceptable for computer use, internet use, and other related behaviors in the Library. All Library users - including guests/visitors must comply with the guidelines. Our expectation is that you will read the Guidelines prior to using ACC resources.
The guidelines are inked at the bottom of the Library Home Page ( or directly at
Guests/visitors, ACC students and ACC employees who do not follow these standards of behavior may be denied use of Library computer and network resources. Violators of these standards may also be subject to penalties under College regulations and under local, state, or federal, laws. Library Services reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.