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Austin Community College Library Services Social Media Terms of Use

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube encourage community engagement, user discussion, and shared content.

ACC and Library Services embrace this culture of communication and wants you to join the conversation! However, such engagement with any official social page or account representing ACC must pertain to the following terms of use, or risks being removed.

Please read through the following terms of use before participating with any of ACC Library Services social media pages or accounts.

These same rules and guidelines apply when commenting or contributing on ACC Library Services' Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Users of those sites must also comply with the respective official terms of use of each platform.

These rules apply to all users.

Welcome to the official social media sites for Austin Community College Library Services. These sites are interactive, offering the latest about Library Services at ACC. We encourage students, faculty, staff, and the community to join the conversation!

You may post and share comments, photos, videos, and links of interest on Austin Community College Library Services' social media pages and existing posts.

ACC Library Services reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove any content that is inappropriate or inconsistent with the purpose of this page. Your posts and comments will remain on our page unless they:

  1. Contain inappropriate, offensive, insulting, or abusive messages or language
  2. Duplicate previous posts or content
  3. Suggest illegal or unacceptable actions
  4. Organize, solicit, or self-promote a private business, organization, or political bias
  5. Contain advertisements, spam, or solicitation
  6. Are irrelevant to the page or post's topic
  7. Violate ACC Standards of Conduct, Student's Rights and Responsibilities and ACC Social Media Guidelines.
  8. Contain confidential information about your library record

Library Services takes the confidential nature of information about patrons very seriously. We will not post information about your library account or library use on any of our social media sites. We strongly encourage you to refrain from posting information about your personal library account. If you have questions or concerns about your account please contact us directly.

Other than official posts created by this page, the comments that appear here do not represent the opinions of the Austin Community College District.

All users of the ACC Library Services Facebook page must also comply with Facebook's Terms of Use and related policies, including the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.